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Manakeep 728x90
About BOTF
BOTF was founded in early 2010 by BOTF RABBITFOOT originally know as Brothers of the feared. Recently we have had some female gamers join so we had decided to change it so we changed it to Bullets On The Floor Gaming -- BOTF. We are always recruiting for Call Of Duty on xbox and ps3 mostly xbox because we do not have a ps3 division leader that is active. we are 36-0 in clan battles on black ops but who cares about clan battles. For mw3 we started Gamebattles our team is 0-1 in summer season because we did not know the rules but who cares we play for fun and we will try and get a hang of it.Our mission is to get known in the gaming community as an awesome respectful clan.You can check out some of our videos on if you would like to see some gameplay.